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   Our company produces electronic devices. We specialize in Electronic Auto Coating Thickness Gauges production.

   Our aim is to create products that are of best quality and usefulness. Our team consist of highly experienced people who are always willing to self develop themselves. Our offer is constantly being extended. We carry out innovative projects and build long-term relations with our clients.

In the process of production we use electronic components from leading producers. Thanks to this, our products are of the best quality.

   Our products (Electronic auto coating thickness gauges), often referred to as “coating gauges” or “cover testers” are sold on various shopping websites in Poland and abroad, such as: Allegro, Ceneo, Ebay and other big on-line shops. On various Internet forums they are frequently referred to as affordable and best quality products.

   Our products are also appreciated by leading specialist of the motor industry.



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We also carry out individual projects so if you have an interesting idea we are more than willing to start the cooperation.


Cover thickness gauges are suitable for:


- used car dealer’s


- motor experts


- car paint shops


- garages


- panel beaters and car sprayers


- individual clients (to examine the body of the car to be purchased)


Check your car before the purchase

Use your common sense and take your safety into consideration