Mini Coating Thickness Gauge A-10-FE


Pocket-size coating thickness gauge 
Mini Paint Meter A-10-FE 

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Data sheet

Probe type: Flat
Probe type: Built-in
Surface Steel, galvanized steel

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Pocket-size coating thickness gauge 

Mini Tester A-10-FE

Measurement on steel and galvanized steel surfaces

Large and clear display

Convenient size

Very easy-to-use

Calibration plate included in set

Coating thickness gauge A-10-FE

Paint Tester A-10-FE technical parameters:

MEASURMENTS ON: Fe (steel, galvanized steel)
SUITABLE ON: Magnetic surfaces
RANGE: 0 – 990 μm
PROBE TYPE: Built-in sensor
READING TIME: 0,3 s (very fast reading)
POWER SUPPLY: Alkaline battery or storage battery (9V)
DIMENSIONS: 83 x 64 x 29 mm
DISPLAY SIZE: 50 x 23 mm

Mini Tester A-10-FE and Matchbox - Comparison

Porównanie miernika grubości lakieru z pudełkiem zapałek

Set include:

  • A-10-FE cover thickness gauge - Main unit
  • User manual
  • 1 calibration plate
  • Warranty for 24 months