Coating Thickness Gauge P-10-S-AL


Probe for point measurements. 

easy measurement of central pillar, rocker panel, uneven and dirty surfaces


Measurement of steel, galvanized steel and Aluminium. 
automatically detect type of metal


Instant measurement.
3 measurement per second


Comfortable probe on the cable.
cable with 80 cm length

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439,00 zł

Data sheet

Probe type: Ball-end probe
Probe type: On cable
Surface Steel, galvanized steel, aluminium

More info

Paint Coating thickness gauge P-10-S-AL

Auttomatically detects type of metal

Coating thickness gauge P-10-S-AL  can measure on the surfaces made of:

      • Steel
      • Galvanized steel
      • Aluminium

Coating thicknes gauge - P-10-S-AL

Paint meter P-10-S-AL also detects type of surface and shows on the display:

      • "umFe" - for surfaces made of steel and galvanized steel
      • "umAl" - for surfaces made of aluminum

Precise, comfortable and absolutly amazing probe

Check the pillars, rockers and other curver car parts thanks to the probe designed to point measurements.

Probe on the elastic spring eliminates "trembling hand" effect thanks to it measurement is easier, faster and uncomplicated.

P-10-S-AL - measurement of cushion shock absorber

Rings on the probe allows to grab them more confidently. Fingers will not slide on the probe surfarce thanks to this measurement will be done faster.

The set includes:

      • Paint coating thickness gauge P-10-S-AL
      • User's manual in english
      • Calibration pad "FE-200 um"
      • Calibration pad "AL-200 um"
      • 9V Alkaline Battery (6RL61)
      • Warranty for 24 months

Coating thickness gauge P-10-S-AL - technical informations
  Measurement of steel Yes  
  Measurement of galvanized steel Yes  
  Measurement of aluminum Yes  
  Measurement of uneven surfaces Yes  
  Probe on the cable  Yes - 80 cm silicon cable  
  Sound signaling system function No  
  Backlight display Yes  
  Measuring range 0-1990 µm  
  Measuring resolution   1 µm - 0 - 500 µm
10 µm - 500 - 2000 µm
  LED flashlight No  
  Working time (hours) ~ 10 h  
  Power supply 9V L6R61 (in set)  


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