Coating Thickness Gauge P-11-S-AL


probe for point measurement. 

easy measurement of central pillar, rocker panel, uneven and dirty surfaces


Measurement of steel, galvanized steel and aluminum.
automatically detect type of metal


Instant measurement.
3 measurement per second


Comfortable probe on the cable.
cable with 80 cm length


Advice functions
sound signaling system

More details

469,00 zł

Data sheet

Probe type: Ball-end probe
Probe type: On cable
Surface Steel, galvanized steel, aluminium
Advice function Yes

More info

Coating thickness gauge - precise, ball-end probe Coating thickness gauge - probe on the elastic spring Coating Thickness gauge - measurement of steel Coating thickness gauge - measurement of aluminum Coating thickness gauge - measurement of flat surfaces Coating thickness gauge - measurement of uneven surfaces Paint tester with sound signaling system function Paint meter - fast measurement Paint meter - heavy-duty battery Paint meter - working in different conditions Paint meter - 2 modes of measuring Paint meter - large measurement range


Paint Coating Thickness Gauge P-11-S-AL


Automatically detects type of metal!

Measurement of steel, galvanized steel, ALUMINUM (FE, ZN, AL)


Coating thickness gauge - video presentation


Video Presentation 

Coating thickness gauge P-11-S-AL - movie

Coating thickness gauge - precise, ball-end probe

Precise, comfortable and absolutly amazing probe

Check the pillars, rockers and other curved car parts thanks to the probe designed to point measurements.

Compare two different type of probes
flat and P-11-S-AL ball-end probe

  Possibility of measurement of:
  measurement of clean and flat surfaces Measurement of dirty or dust-covered surfaces Measurement of convex surfaces Measurement of concave surfaces
Type of probe: Clean and flat surfaces Dirty or dust covered surface Convex Surface Concave surfaces
flat probe Yes No No No
Flat probe
ball-end, one point probe Yes No No No
P-11-S-AL ball-end, one-point probe

Probe on the elastic spring eliminates "trembling hand" effect and thanks to it measurement much easier, faster and more accurate. 

Paint tester - measuring car paint  layer

Rings on the probe allows to catch them more confidently and more comfortable.

Fingers will not slide on the probe surface and thank to this measurement will be done faster


Paint tester -  sound signaling system function

Sound sygnaling system function

Coating thickness gauge - measurement of  car hood - 770 µm - body filler

P-11-S-AL painte metter has a sound signal system function. Signals inform about factory paint, re-painted places and places with body filler. 


  • one, short sound signal - suggest factory paint layer
  • two, shorts sound signals - suggest re-painted places
  • one, long sound signal - suggest car body filler 

Paint meter - fast measurement

3 measurements per second

Paint coating thickness gauge - measurement door - 120 µm - factory paint layer

Check the car more precise and very fast with P-11-S-AL device

By measurement in the continously mode (without sound signaling system) we can obtain faster measurement - 3 measurement per second.

Measurement of aluminium surfaces


also for aluminum 

Paint coating thickness gauge find aluminium surfaces on the hood

MP-11-S-AL self detect type of metal and automatically shows it on the display.

Hoods, fenders, trunk, roof in the car produced after 2006 are usually made from aluminium alloy.


Hold function - alternative mode of measurement

Freeze-up result on the display (HOLD)

Paint meter P-11-S-AL - one-point probe

If you want to, you can save last measuring result on the display, just turn on HOLD function. 

HOLD function allows to keep last measurement result util you make another measurement. 


Build-in LED flashlight

Build-in LED flashlight

Coating thickness gauge - build-in flashlight

Built-in LED flashlight allows to use device in dark or hard-to-reach places. 

Paint meter - haevy-duty battery

Working up to 100 hours 

Coating thickness gauge - measuring car paint layer - 1480 µm - body filler

Batteries set 2 x 1,5 V AA added in the set with device ensure works up to 100 hours. 

Paint meter - large measurement range - 1990 µm

Large measurement range

0 µm - 1990 µm

Coating thickness gauge - large measurement range



Maximum measurement range up to 1990 µm allows to detect the considerable car's damage


  • Parts with the factory paint: 80 µm - 160 µm
  • Parts with re-painted places: 170 µm - 350 µm
  • Parts with body filler: 360 µm - 1990 µm

*these values are suggested and can be different on the other cars.

Paint meter - working in different conditions

Working in different conditions

from -20°C to +40°C

Coating thickness gauge - device detects steel surface

Paint meter - additional informations about P-11-S-AL gauge

Additional informations

CE Declaration of Confirmity


Shipping within 24 hours

We dispatch our devices 24 hours after place an order. Shipping are realized via Polish Post


24 months warranty


Paint meter -  P-11-S-AL technical parameters


Technical parameters



  Measurement of steel YES  
  Measurement of galvanized steel    YES  
  Measurement of aluminum YES  
  Measurement of uneven surfaces YES  
  Probe on the cable  YES  
  Sound signaling system function YES  
  Backlight display YES  
  Measuring range 0-1990 µm  
  Measuring resolution 10 µm  
  LED flashlight YES  
  Working time (hours) ~ 100 h  
  Power supply  2 x 1,5 V LR6 (in set)  


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